Additional Services  

Sampling for the realization of studies from laboratory

Laboratory tests are often performed as part of the routine
In a medical assessment to detect various diseases serving as a support to establish a more accurate diagnosis.

We have an agreement with a reliable clinical laboratory that processes the samples quickly and safely, allowing us to provide comprehensive care from the moment you first come to our facility.

Histopathology Laboratory

Branch of the medicine that is in charge of the study of the cells and tissues of the organism, the samples obtained by means of a biopsy are studied and thus determine the type of illness that suffers the patient. 

It goes hand in hand with oncology because, based on the histopathological report, the doctor will decide which is the most appropriate management for his patient.

Nutritional Oncology

Nutrition is a fundamental part of the integral management of cancer patients, so in Mirai we have a trained and experienced nutritionist In the field that can advise and follow up before, during and after to your treatments, as well as determine together with your attending physician whether or not there is the need to administer dietary supplements.