Intravenous infusión  

What is the intravenous infusión?

It is the administration through the veins of some medication, this includes a wide variety depending on the requirements Of the patient; For example chemotherapy
(in patients with cancer), biological therapy (in patients with arthritis), vitamins and even blood transfusions.

In case of requiring a treatment, the doctor evaluates and determines the scheme to follow. 

During the infusion we offer personalized patient care under medical supervision and trained nurses with technology of avant-garde and strict adherence to the Mexican official rules that govern to all current health service. 

Intravenous route can be given:

Miscellaneous medicines

Objetives and advantages of intravenous therapy

Control in the infusion rate of the drug in the body. 

Possibility of administering more than one medication and / or treatment
At the same time, offering integral management to the patient.

More rapid treatment effect.


Possibility of adverse effects and / or allergies.

Risk of generalized infection in the body and / or the site
Of the catheter.

Risk of liquid overload (if there is no adequate control
Of the rate and amount of the substance to be infused).

We make your medicines easier!

As an additional service we facilitate the obtaining of the medicines required for its infusion, which will be available on the day of your appointment

Preparation and mixing in laminar flow hood 

¡We are an intravenous

infusión center!

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